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Our professional, reliable, and friendly service is dedicated to providing you and your horse with the very highest level of care and treatment. 

We treat any horse or pony, from the much-loved family pet through to the very top equine athletes, providing every horse with the same level of care, precision, and quality of work.


We offer a complete dental service from routine procedures including rasping, floating, balancing of teeth, wolf tooth extractions, through to more complicated extractions and advanced procedures.  


We encourage horses to have a small amount of sedation in order to provide a relaxed, safe and modern dental examination.


The sedation will also allow for a detailed oral examination and for any corrective procedures to be carried quickly and efficiently with the minimal amount of stress for you and your horse. 


James was great! All my horses were so well looked after in a very professional manner, keeping them calm and stress-free. 

I found James really knowledgeable and he provided a friendly, professional service.
I highly recommend Home Counties to anyone.

James looked after the horses in our yard, giving each one a thorough examination and treatments easily and efficiently.